‘Clean City’ campaign started in Kohalpur

Govinda Pandey has been assigned as executive officer of Nepalgunj municipality. Pandey, who was working under the Ministry of Commerce, has come to be assigned to the municipality under the Ministry of Local Development. Pandey announced the “Clean City” campaign during an all-party meeting on Friday, as soon as he took responsibilities as Executive Officer of the Kohalpur municipality, which has been activated as municipality just since this year. “The campaign will be conducted in Kohalpur after being divided into 5 different clusters, and with collaboration from different non-profit organization, City Development Committee, and Nepalgunj Chamber of Commerce and Industry Awareness”, Executive Officer Pandey said.

Simultaneously, a proposal of sample program for installment of solar street lamps from  “Kohalpur Chauraha” to “Chappargaudi” and in the west side, upto “Madan Chowk” has been decided, Pandey informed.  ‘I have sent a proposal to Alternative Energy Promotion Committee’, Pandey informed with joy that he is excited to speed up the municipality development process while meeting the minimum standards of the development phase.




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