Nepali Apps

3D map Nepal

Advanced application for viewing 3D map Nepal – NP.
– 3D and 2D map
– 3D and 2D compass
– Navigation
– Search Points of Interest
– My location
– Go to the position according to the coordinates
– Image Search
– Themes map
– Map layers (Natural Earth, Grid, MapQuest Aerial)
– Sharing
– Waypoints
– 100% free
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Bagchal game is a game of tiger and goat. If the player is playing as a tiger,his aim is to eat at least 6 goats to win. If the player is playing as a goat, his aim is to capture all the tiger i.e. make them immovable.
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Never know when the lights go out? No Problem! Get BattiGayo for an up-to-date load shedding schedule and:

  1. Check the Load Shedding schedule for your group.
  2. View Load Shedding schedule for all groups.
  3. Manage your “Group” and “Alert” settings.
  4. Get alerts before Load Shedding begins.
  5. Use flash light during those long dark hours.

BattiGayo was designed to help Nepalese living in Nepal and abroad keep track of load shedding hours and plan ahead for power cuts.

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Country Facts Nepal

Country Facts Nepal provides a simple and easy way to learn about Nepal. The app is full of interesting country facts that will teach you about Nepalese culture, geography, history, people and more. All the country facts and images were carefully selected and reviewed for accuracy and relevancy.
Who is this app for:

  1. Tourists traveling to Nepal
  2. Parents educating their kids about Nepal
  3. Individuals interested in learning about Nepal


  1. Nepal fact categories like: culture, people and history
  2. Lots of fun images of Nepal
  3. No data connection necessary. Works in the offline or airplane mode
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eSewa – Mobile Wallet (Nepal)

eSewa is your wallet in the web and in your mobile device.It is the Digital Payment Portal of Nepal enabled with hosted wallet both Internet and mobile wallet along with new and unique services like VISA Prepaid Card, Payout Agent (Cash in and Cash out) and different payment facilities.eSewa account can be recharged through various option such as Mobile Banking, Internet Banking and counter deposit through member banks, fund transfer from another eSewa user.The fund in eSewa account can be used for utility payments, buying Recharge cards, making payments when purchasing online and making payments when purchasing through offline stores by accessing eSewa account through web or mobile.

eSewa also facilitates:
WAllet to wallet,
Wallet to bank,
Bank tp wallet,
Wallet to remittance transactions.

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Hamro Nepali Keyboard

Hamro Keyboard is a Nepali keyboard for all of us who love Nepali language. This is still work in progress. Please provide your suggestions. As this is the public beta, there will frequent update in coming weeks until this keyboard becomes more stable and user friendly.
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Hamro Patro

A unique Nepali Calendar so that you don’t have to miss any important events, festivals, and rituals. Be in-touch with your base no matter where you are; and what device you use! “Hamro Patro” is more than just calendar, it has got following features,

  1. Nepali Patro
  2. Nepali FM and Radio
  3. Foreign Exchange Rate
  4. Gold and Silver Rate
  5. Rashifal (Horoscope)
  6. App Widgets
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Hospitals Nepal

This app will help you save some health rather than getting into hassle of traveling the city, through jams and dusty roads to consult weather that particular hospital meets your need or not. Calling the hospital won’t help us, hospitals are very busy nowadays. We start roaming again, through odds.
This helps in searching and getting better hospital services digitally. The app provides a wonderful minimalistic design, efficient run time and response added to the power of incredible database of hospitals. The app will be updated frequently, with added locations, hospitals and clinics too. This app is absolutely free for the time being. Those who are installing it now are getting a head start with zero cost.
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MediBook helps you find the nearest hospitals in Kathmandu.
Using MediBook you can:

  1. Get a list of hospitals in Kathmandu.
  2. Locate and get directions to the nearest hospital.
  3. Make a direct call with a single tap.
  4. Access useful emergency contacts wherever you are.

Although MediBook was built to deliver greater convenience to iPhone users, it could also come in handy during an emergency. The app lists all hospitals in Kathmandu by alphabetical order or their distance from your current location and also gives you maps, directions and phone numbers of the nearest health facility.

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Nepal Air

Keep your Nepal Air in the sky can be a very difficult task! You as an aircraft pilot will experience how it feels to really fight a big commercial Nepal aircraft.Features:
– Nice graphics.
– Lots of fun.
– Challenging.
– One touch controls.
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Nepal Chat (Chat Chautari)

Chat Chautari is a IRC based chat service, targeted for Nepalese community. Meet new people, make new friends.The chat room is powered by Enjoy!!
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Nepali Currency Exchange Rates

Nepali Currency Exchange Rates (Formerly called Nepali Forex Free) brings into the android devices a feature packed carefully designed application that helps you get the Foreign Exchange Rates of Nepal on daily basis. This app support 18 currencies that are highly exchanged in Nepal. The app has capabilities to pull the last 15 days fo data from the Rastra Bank (done via Sanjaal Corps proprietary softwares that populate data for The data is then presented in the graphical and tabular form via various tools available within the application. You can also use this application as a currency conversion tool.
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Nepali Date Converter

This application allows you to convert Nepali BS date into AD and AD into Nepali BS Date. It supports BS 1990 to 2090.
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Nepali Dictionary

It’s free and offline application.
Dictionary now has 28,927 Nepali & 40,175 English words.Features:

  1. Nepali Keyboard with tons of suggestion
  2. DUAL offline dictionary
  3. Auto-complete suggestions
  4. Transliteration for Non-Nepali users
  5. Study plan section
  6. MCQ (Multiple Choice Question)
Download :: iOS


Nepali Dictionary – Offline

An offline dictionary for Nepali Language. It’s a two way dictionary, that means it is Nepali-English dictionary as well as English-Nepali dictionary. Now, try out the word games to learn more words.

  1. Completely offline- once you download the dictionary file, you can use Nepali Dictionary without internet connection
  2. Two ways – English to Nepali Dictionary and Nepali to English Dictionary
  3. Word Game (Hangman)
  4. Offline file update mechanism
  5. Word of the day
  6. Spoken word Pronunciation (Long press the words and select speak from menu)
  7. Dictionary file stored in SD card
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Nepali Jokes

The app is built to enjoy the awesome time with your Android device supporting from Android 2.1 and aboveFeatures:
– More than 100 jokes available offline to have fun with
– Whenever you connect to internet you can Sync new jokes from server.(This may take long time for the first time as lots of joke might be needed to download from the server)
– You can read the synced jokes whenever you want without having Internet connection
– Favorite the joke you like so that you can show it to your friends later quickly
– Submit New Jokes(We will review the joke and post it within 2-3 days, It will be available via “sync” button at the top. If you want to display your name then you can write your name on the box and your name will be published on the update. PLEASE make sure you don’t post the joke that harms others)
– Sharing jokes with other on different Social media and others is accessible with one click.
– नेपाली jokes on update(sync) will be added.(Please make sure your device has नेपाली Unicode support, else the characters will be as a box symbol as [])
– *** Shake For Random Jokes ***, on the single joke page when you shake your device, you will have a random joke on the screen with a vibration referring you have shake your device and new joke has been displayed)
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Nepali Recipe

Learn to cook various Nepali food items.
More than 250 authentic Nepali dishes to choose from.

  1. Authentic Nepali dishes.
  2. Step by step explanation.
  3. Auto recipe update.
  4. Main course, Festival Special, Appetizer, Side dish, Vegetarian, Desserts as recipe categories.
  5. Detailed explanation of ingredients and cooking steps.
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Nepali Tools

here are many Features in this Application which are as below:
Nepali Tools application where can find various free products and tools that make you for your daily life easy. This application allows you to convert Nepali date into AD and AD into Nepali Date this application fully support for Nepali FM Radio Collections, Exchange Rate, News, Unit Converter, Horoscope, Flashlight and much more….This application available with all types of connections such as 3G, WiFi etc. May be this application will be your friend where you can enjoy listening music whatever you need in your ups & downs which will give you always cheers and makes easier for your career. We would like to thank you for using this application and don’t hesitate to give us feedback.
Features Includes:
~ 180+ Nepali Online FM/Radio Stations
~ Horoscope
~ Live News from Nepali News Portals
~ Date Converter (AD to BS and BS to AD)
~ Unit Converter
~ Exchange Rate (Real Time update with Nepal Rastra Bank)
~ Flashlight
~ Currency Converter
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Nepal Loadshedding

Loadshedding is annoying!! Be smart enough to plan your time efficiently!! With this app, you can now set your load shedding GROUP, view the schedule along with Power ON/OFF status, remaining COUNTDOWN time, and the NOTIFICATION regarding the upcoming power cut.
Key Features:

  1. View Schedule offline once downloaded
  2. Power ON/OFF status with Remaining Time Countdown
  3. Smart Notifications before Power OFF/ON
  4. Search loadshedding GROUP by LOCATION
  5. Google Maps to find group using GPS
  6. Multiple Widgets – For Your Home ,Office , Shop e.t.c
  7. New Widget to view ALL 7 Groups Status
  8. Schedule in Nepali Language
  9. View Schedule with Date/Time in B.S/A.D
  10. Forward Schedule through SMS
  11. Auto Update of Schedule Changes
Download :: Android


Nepal Share Market

Get the latest update about the current Market Share (Stock Exchange) of Nepal. Never miss the share value even if you are out of network coverage and get the previous data stored in your device. Get the detail information of each Traded Companies and the change in its share from the previous day.
Top Features:

  1. Up to date Share Market detail.
  2. Offline storage of all details.
  3. Clear indication of share value difference.
  4. Quick search of any required company.
Download :: Android


Nepal Tax Calculator

This is Simplified Personal Income tax calculator for current financial year in Nepal. It calculates an income tax for the resident in Nepal both for married and Unmarried employees, for now.
Currently, an app is under Beta Testing.
Download :: Android



Netfox allows us to convert GBP into Nepalese Rupees based on the daily exchange rates according to Civil Bank and Sunrise Bank.
Download :: iOS


Taxi Fares Nepal

Taxi Fares Kathmandu lets you find out the taxi rates between places and prevents you from getting cheated.
It features data provided by the Traffic Control Police and also a map view where you can tab two places and we provide you the best route to drive and the distance and rates between the places.
Download :: Android


Type Nepali

Type Nepali app provides an easy way to type in unicode Nepali right on your mobile device.
This app works does not require internet connection.
Type romanized Nepali words (using English letters) in the white box on main page and words will be converted into Unicode Nepali as you press the space bar.
When done typing, long press inside the box, choose “Select All” to highlight all typed text, then select Copy and now you can paste the text where needed. You can also use the Share icon to share typed text directly to Facebook and Twitter.
Download :: iOS



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